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Standard Process - Whole Food Supplements since 1929. Dr. Scot Chiropractic now carries Standard Process Product line. Visit for detailed product information.

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Dash for Donation, 5K Walk/Run & Family Fun Walk promoting Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation. The Race sponsored by Lifeline of Ohio to showcase the difference that donation makes in everyday lives. Dr. Scot - Office Manager Angie & family (white t-shirts) as well as our patient Kevin and his Family (green t-shirts) participated in the race. Angie’s family was recently touched by the organization due to a devastating loss of her great nephew Isaiah last year who donated lifesaving organs.

Dr. Scot providing ongoing Personal Training to Central Crossing & Grove City High School student athletes.

ANGIE - You GO GIRL!  Congratulate Angie on her great time of 9:20 per mile in the Dash For Donation 5K Run!



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 After a hard work out Dr. Scot provides Chiropractic Adjustments to student athletes.

Health Fair Participation: Dr. Scot Chiropractic routinely participates in corporate health fairs of all sizes.

Wellness Seminars: Dr. Scot Gircsis has developed a number of informative health lectures which are available free of charge. Dr. Gircsis will come to your place of business or group meeting and provide a lecture of your choosing. Our seminars can be tailored to meet the time constraints of any meeting and can range from 15 minutes to one hour. Our topics range from ergonomics, stress man-agement, nutrition, weight loss and exercise. 

Individual Spinal Health Information: Far and away the most popular service Gircsis Chiropractic offers is the opportunity for members of your company or group to have a personalized health consultation with one of our licensed chiropractic physicians. Type your paragraph here.

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